Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to the most common questions about our services.
What does your company do?
We are a forestry contractor  that take care of pine trees from when they are planted to when they are ready to be logged.
What does silvicuture mean?
Silviculture is just a name that has been given for the different stages from planting pine trees right up to when they are ready to be logged.
Do you chop down trees?
Yes we do chop down trees when the operation calls for thinning to waste where the reject trees are cut down and the good trees are left to grow.
What is your pricing based on?
Pricing is based on different aspects, it just depends on what operation is being undertaken.
How much is it to prune a pine tree?
Price is different depending on what lift that you are doing.
What is involved in the different operation in the services that you offer?
Our services include planting, pruning, thinning to waste, regen, scrub cutting and spot spraying.

Is the operation all year round?
Yes operation is all year round.

What is your labour turn-over?
Labour turn over in past has been rolling depending on what other work is available out there but at the moment we are stable with workers staying on all year.

What experience and qualification do you need to work in forestry?
You just need to be strong, fit and healthy and can handle heights. Drug free is a must. We have a qualified NZQA assessor/trainer available on site to do training that is required.